ArmorFoam™ Applications

Innovative nanoparticle-based foam that can be designed with wide ranges of commodity materials and gas type

Cnergreen ArmorFoam™ Applications


Core technology integrates advanced material science with classical reservoir engineering to create novel solutions for long-standing challenges for recovering oil from mature and low-efficiency reservoirs. Superior stability and tunability of ArmorFoam™ will result in step-change improvement compared to existing solutions. ArmorFoam™ is scalable and tunable- unlike existing products which are one size fit all solution.

CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery

In addition to any gases, ArmorFoam™ can be generated with liquid and supercritical CO₂, it creates high viscosity at reservoir condition, blocks short circuits created from CO₂ injection and improves oil recovery and CO₂ storage.

ArmorFoam™, Conventional Foam, Water & Gas Injection Time (min)Apparent Viscosity (cp).

Apparent Viscosity Armor Foam ™ Applications
ArmorFoam TM -Frac

Efficient Pressure Maintenance

ArmorFoam™ maintains pressure in parent well more effectively (higher pressure for a longer time with less material usage) thus preventing fraction driven interactions or frac hit.

Non Damaging Characteristics

ArmorFoam™ has low leak off rate and reduces water usage at least by 80% (+ 200%). ArmorFoam™ treatment does not impact the flow of hydrocarbon in parent well including water sensitive reservoirs reducing the risk of productivity loss and formation damage.

Armor Foam TM-HP