Innovative nanoparticle-based foam customized for each application.

Why ArmorFoam™?

ArmorFoam Particule & Surfactant Foam
ArmorFoam™ bubbles are protected by nanoparticles; increased foam stability for any harsh reservoir condition.

Cnergreen’s technology has distinct advantages over current products/services available on the market including:


Highly stable in contact with:

  • Crude oils
  • High salinity up to 300,000 PPM
  • High temperatures >200°C

Customized Formulation

  • Use commercially available components
  • Tailored to each reservoir condition
  • Can be designed with biodegradable components
  • Viscosity and stability can be tuned on demand
Foam volume plot - Foam stability oil
ArmorFoam™ lasts much longer than conventional surfactant foam in contact with crude oil.
Apparent viscosity plot
ArmorFoam™ creates high apparent viscosity compared to gas, water, and surfactant-based foams.

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