Cnergreen’s technology has been selected for Innovative Solutions Canada, Testing Stream for Government

Testing Stream

Make next happen – Discover, test and buy Canada's top innovative solutions

Question Why test Canada’s top innovative solutions?

  • Through calls for proposals, we attract the latest prototypes from across Canada
  • You get to test out innovations in your own operational settings
  • Our new direct sales feature, allows you to potentially buy the commercialized innovation without further competition
  • Your input on the performance of the innovation helps Canadian companies refine their innovation before launching into the marketplace

Question Who can test innovations?

  • Any federal government organization (including crown corporations)
  • Provinces, municipalities, hospitals, schools, and Indigenous organizations may also be testing partners (with a federal sponsor) – we can help find a federal government organization to sponsor the test

Step1 Step 1: Browse our lists divided by priority area to find an innovation you want to test

Step2 Step 2: If you’re interested in testing an innovation click “Test innovation” and fill out the form with:

  • Your email address and telephone number
  • Your department, agency or organization
  • The company name and innovation you’d like to test

Step3 Step 3: Review important information about your role as a tester