Equinor signs deals with startups from the Equinor and Techstars Energy Accelerator



agreement hand shake

Equinor Ventures has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with f3nice, an Italian additive manufacturing company. F3nice’s technology will source metal scrap and disused parts and convert this into metal powder, which can be used as input material for printing of new parts. Equinor will support a project to test and validate F3nice’s technology and business model.

Equinor Ventures has awarded two Accelerator Prizes to Cnergreen and Ocean Access. Cnergreen is commercialising a nanoparticle-based foam technology enabling cleaner hydrocarbon production. Ocean Access is developing a more reliable and cost-effective solution for accessing and gathering information from remote locations offshore. The companies will receive USD 50.000 each.

This year the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator has been entirely virtual. During the past 13 weeks, nine start-ups from all around the world have tapped into the global network of Techstars, Capgemini, Kongsberg and Equinor. Over 150 mentors have participated, assisting the start-ups mature and grow. The program has represented a unique possibility to search for the best ideas within the energy sector.